About Bono

Mission ‒ based on connection of the business processes and technical solutions. Thus resulting in the creation of a sustainable business environment ‒ responsible towards the nature and society.

Goal ‒ to provide high-value and quality timber trade services in Europe. To create a global trade platform, where timber trade is more convenient, faster and more reliable, thus generating additional profit for the customer.

BONO values

BONO values are based on human, team, development, and cooperation. Ability to provide and to defend the interests and needs of our customers, partners, and employees.

Sustainability and equity

Sustainable forest management means not only preserving biodiversity, but also increasing it, managing forests and using their resources in a fair and ethical manner.

Team and knowledge

The knowledge of our team of experts in forestry, logistics processes, trade, implementation of the EU forest strategy, ecosystems and other aspects allows us to defend and to satisfy the interests of our customers and partners.

Forest ecosystem

Preservation of Europe’s natural ecosystem is possible by balancing biodiversity, introducing new technologies and logistics processes in the production and use of timber. In the implementation of our economic activity we pay attention to preserving the forest ecosystem in the long term.


In our economic activities, we place great importance not only on the common interests of timber processing companies and foresters, but also on the joint interests of the society: preservation of the environment and ecosystem, the reduction of carbon emissions and sustainable use of timber.

BONO tactics for the implementation of our mission

On the forestry level

Forests are an essential part of Europe’s ecosystem, which is why the European Union has developed a strategy in which the Green Course, as well as biodiversity are essential aspects. By supporting these efforts, our task is to help the forest owners and managers to ensure the process of reforestation.

On the timber production level

Timber is an important export item for many European countries, but it takes several decades for it to recover. Therefore, we strive to implement an effective timber strategy.

On the transportation level

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the goals of the Green Course. The logistics system we have introduced and that we use provides significant solutions for reducing carbon dioxide.

On the business level

We strive to offer efficient solutions to any company operating in the forestry or timber processing industry by optimising various processes, as well as by using more efficient methods. Thus we offer higher income through more efficient work or use of resources.

On the ethical level

We strive to cooperate with like-minded companies that recognise the value of timber and forests and our goal is ethical work, defending the general interests of the society.

Companies from more than 20 countries trust BONO

Modern solutions

Efficient, competitive and modern solutions are provided.


BONO is a stable company with high settlement discipline and well-defined collaboration procedures.

High quality standards

The company has been awarded FSC and PEFC certificates in both the round timber and sawn timber segments.

Professional team

The team consists of experts in their field, who always find mutually beneficial solutions in cooperation.

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