BONO Privacy Policy

The owner and maintainer of the website is SIA “BONO”, unified registration number: 44103079618, hereinafter – “BONO”, who is acting pursuant to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on 01.02.2022.

Receipt of information

By applying for the receipt of information from BONO or by filling in the fields on the website in the section: “Contact Us”, you consent to the storage of your data in the internal database of the company, as well as to its processing. The privacy disclaimer explains how the information you provide to us on the website or in any other way is used. The privacy disclaimer is intended for your protection by informing you of what personal information is being collected, what methods we use to collect information and how we process it.

Why do we collect your data?

The provision of personal data and information is a voluntary process that helps us get to know our customers, provide services and improve the content of the website, while you can receive such services that are best suited to your needs. The personal data information provided by you on the website is only used for communication purposes with you, while your personal data received in person, by phone, electronically or by post is used to achieve the legitimate objectives of BONO and to provide you with high-quality services.

As a user of the website, you can choose to receive a variety of information from us. To provide this service, we require your e-mail address. The choice to receive information from us is always voluntary. If you have chosen to receive certain information from us, we will only use your personal information to send you this type of information with your express consent and will not use your personal information for any other purposes. You can opt out of receiving information at any time.

Disclosure of personal data to unrelated third parties.

BONO may transfer personal data that is obtained through this website or that have been otherwise provided by you to BONO, to third parties that provide support services, including data processing services. Such persons may require information about you to perform their functions. Such persons are not entitled to use the personal data we transfer to them for any purposes other than that for which we have informed you about in this Privacy Policy regarding the protection of personal data. Before disclosing personal data to a third party, BONO will require the third party to take appropriate precautions to protect such data against unauthorised use or disclosure. BONO may be obliged to transfer personal data to state or municipality institutions in the cases specified in the regulatory enactments.

Opting out

Based on your message submitted at the website, you will be sent an e-mail from BONO. You will always receive a link with the option to opt out of receiving news/information. By selecting this option your e-mail will be deleted from our database and you will no longer receive information. You may withdraw your consent to BONO at any time by sending written notice to its registered office or by e-mailing

The personal data you transfer to BONO regarding the provision of services and the establishment of a contractual relationship are irrevocable and BONO processes them in accordance with the procedures and within the term specified in the regulatory enactments, that is not shorter than until the termination of the contractual relationship with you.


Cookies are small text strings sent by the web server to the customer (usually a web browser), which are stored on the user’s computer as small files. Cookies make it easier to use the website. Cookies can be disabled, but it is not recommended as it may reduce your options of using the website. When cookies are used, no information is being collected about you. Cookies may be used to prepare and display more appropriate service offers to you on other websites, as well as to acquire statistical observations about the use of the website, but cookies are in no way linked to your specific personal data and may not be related to your personal information.

Data integrity and security

BONO will implement reasonable measures to maintain the accuracy, precision and integrity of personal data in our databases and to ensure the security of our databases. We will only store your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it has been collected or to comply with the regulatory requirements for reporting and providing information. Our servers and databases meet the industry standard security requirements. The employees, who have access to personal data, have been trained to work with such data in accordance with our internal regulations regarding the processing of personal data. We will attempt to prevent any loss, leakage, misuse, unauthorised disclosure, alteration or destruction of the data.

Access to data, data deletion and correction

If you wish to access your personal data, or to correct or delete it, you can do so by e-mailing us at or by calling 8890. Requests to correct, transfer, restrict the use or delete personal data are processed in accordance with the regulatory enactments. You have the right to request and receive information about the processing of your personal data – what personal data BONO holds, how it is processed, to whom it is transferred. As well as you have the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal data, for example, in the event of changes in contact information (phone, e-mail); to request the deletion of personal data, if both parties have fulfilled their obligations.
The duration of storage of personal data

BONO shall only store and process your personal data as long as you have not opted out from further communication and/or receiving news or in accordance with the procedures and within the time period specified in the regulatory enactments.

Hyperlinks to other websites

Website may contain hyperlinks to websites (such as, etc.) that are not maintained by BONO. These hyperlinks are provided for your information and convenience only and do not constitute approval of the operation of any third party website or any affiliation with its maintainers. BONO does not operate these websites and is not responsible for their personal data processing policies. We suggest you read the privacy policy posted on any website before using the relevant website or before providing your personal information.

Questions regarding the protection of personal data

If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal data or are interested in how BONO processes your personal data, please inform us by e-mail: or by phone 8890.

Edition effective as of 21 May 2018.

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BONO Privacy Policy