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Balance between the environment and technologies

Bono House designs and constructs sustainable solid Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel buildings.

The dominating aspect in the design process is energy efficiency and factors affecting the quality of life - thoughtful planning, air quality and lighting. The buildings are designed in a 3D environment, which ensures a high level of detailing and the ability to industrially produce building elements - wall and covering panels, from which a ready-made building can be easily, quickly and accurately assembled on the construction site.

Individual space layout and design

This project is a perfect choice for everyone who wishes to live in a cosy, well-thought private environment. When choosing this project it will take 8 months to have your property ready from the first call to the key. Contact our sales team.
Room nameArea
1. Entrance hallway7,66 m2
2. WC1,84 m2
3. Wardrobe3,56 m2
4. Bathroom5,32 m2
5. Hallway16,05 m2
6. Bedroom12,79 m2
Room nameArea
7. Bedroom13,08 m2
8. Technical room9,90 m2
9. Bathroom12,53 m2
10. Wardrobe9,57 m2
11. Bedroom22,95 m2
12. Living room69,14 m2
Total184,39 m2

By choosing BONO HOUSE you get

From idea to a ready house conformable to your wishes. Adjust the interior and exterior to your dreams avoiding a complicated, long and unforeseeable construction process. Achieve the freedom of design and technologies!

CLT technology

Main material of constructions is wood which ensures presence of natural materials, healthy environment and sustainable application of materials on the residential premises. Structure consists of CLT (crosswise glued) and GLT (longitudinally - concurrently glued) solid wood constructions. Feeling of wood will fill up all the rooms creating especially cosy atmosphere. CLT is a future material, which changes the current opinions in the field of construction.

Balance between the environment and technologies

Using a carefully planned architectural and engineering plan, including data modelling and building information modelling (BIM) software, results in opportunity to create ideal and sustainable living space.

  • Visible construction process, its supervision and excellent outcome.
  • House than serves the human’s needs and daily rhythm in accordance with nature.
  • Digital passport and home 3D model ensures precise listing and summary of house details regarding the scheduled maintenance and renovation works during the house maintenance period.

Perfect climate

CLT building ensures safe, warm, ecological and cosy environment for living. Thanks to the fact that construction process of the building is based on the principles of biophilia, such a building has a favourable impact on the society’s and every individual’s physical and mental health. Combination of the best technologies and materials resulting in a breathing and natural building. Such a house of energy class A reduces your daily carbon footprint and is economic in the daily life.


When designing the house, we think about its impact on the mutual symbiosis of nature and human. Timber is one of a few natural and fully renewable construction materials. Renewable, recyclable, natural, carbon positive house constructed using trees that have accumulated during the lifetime a large amount of CO2 emissions generated across the globe.

Five steps to purchase deal of Bono House

ConsultationStep 1
ProjectStep 2
ConstructionStep 3
InteriorStep 4
KeysStep 5

Bono House Development Manager Annija Žentiņa

“The success of Bono House team comes from the synergy of nature and technologies - mutually beneficial, sustainable relationship.

Architecture as a language of well-being, wood as a natural construction material. Ecological construction materials of the highest quality and biophilia as a way to connect humans and technologies with nature.”

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