Quality timber product supply and logistics in Europe

Woodchips, mixed woodchips, soft woodchips, sawdust, bark
Pulpwood, energy wood, sawlogs, veneer logs

BONO Group offers supply and logistics of certified and environmentally friendly timber products including biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Timber products by BONO Group are procured from legal and sustainable sources with FSC, PEFC and SBP certifications and complies with RED II sustainability requirements.

Deliveries are made on FOB, CIF and DAP terms using sea and land freight.

BONO Group clients from 28 countries highly values the punctuality of contract execution.

We permanently work from 5 ports in Baltic Sea and have reliable partner chain all over the Europe that ensures our capability to provide lasting international supplies. BONO Group is one of the leading wood industry players in Baltic Sea region operati.

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Māra Maurīte
Export and Import Manager
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