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Торговля пиломатериалами с доставкой по всей Латвии. Ассортимент доступен сразу. Комплектуем необходимое и доставляем точно в срок.
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Преимущества сотрудничества

The lumber is made in line with Europe’s environmental and functional standards. Technical standards are met as part of the manufacturing process. Regular quality inspections take place before deliveries to buyers. We offer lumber for construction, planed materials, FSC and PEFC-certified construction materials and terrace planks. We deliver to the Baltics, Nordic countries, and the rest of Europe. Quality Guaranteed. Rapid Delivery. Best Price.
FSC, PEFC certification
Top quality products sold
by the manufacturer
Fixed prices,
payment after delivery
door-to-door shipping
Cargo insurance
Orders of up to 600 m3
without booking

Наши клиенты

Retail chains
Construction companies
Sale of pallets
Pallet manufacturers
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Ģirts Austrums
+371 26479610+371 26479610
Kristaps Norkus
+371 29356121+371 29356121

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